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2054 Kildaire Farm Road

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Cary, NC 27518


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Need help with a project?

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We have done more than 160 projects in information security, privacy, business continuity, and risk management.
  • information security - from setting up the team from scratch to detailed mitigation projects
  • privacy - compliance, processes, training, policies
  • technology and operational risk management, to meet Basel Accord and other requirements
  • business continuity planning, incident response, forensics
  • compliance with regulations and industry best practices, including FFIEC, FDIC, ISO 27001, CObIT, FISMA, Octave, and more

Feel free to email or call if there's a topic you'd like to discuss.  We can talk it through, and then we'll see if consulting is appropriate, or if there's already something in the library here at CSPO Tools which might help you. 

Just email to 'inquiries' at CSPOtools.com, or fill in the 'contact us' form using the button at the left.  Our phone number is 919-379-1319.