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Just posted - new versions of the policies and protection standards.

The toolkits are pre-written, ready to use approaches to specific topics.  They are set up to make it easy for you to follow along, filling in sections as you go.  NOT a textbook approach - just follow the steps, and you'll wind up with the task completed. 

The toolkits include template versions of documents, web pages, presentation slides, project plans, and more as needed. We regularly update the toolkits, as new topics or technologies arise.  So, you won't have to worry about your project or document getting out of date.  We'll post updates for you to download, and email you as they are ready. 

Let us know what you need - just drop an email address in the form below, and we'll notify you when more is availalble.

Index to the toolkits

Security and privacy policies

The word 'policy' has many meanings.  This document contains the top-level statements of company direction, suitable for use in employee handbooks, public relations, with investor groups, and with regulatory agencies.  Another meaning of the word 'policy' occurs in a document which some companies call their Information Protection Standards, which you can also download here.  That document is also called the 200+ policies, and is where you'd find items such as the default size for passwords, intervals between backups, and similar topics.  You'll want both.

Information protection standards (the 200+ policies document)

This document is where you'd find items such as
·         the default size for passwords, intervals between backups, and similar topics
·         definitions of information classifications and the protections required (needed for PCI DSS!!!)
·         standards for physical security, software development procedures (needed for ISO 27000!!)

What is coming next?

  • Awareness training materials, ready for you to edit and use with your employees.
  • Employee handbook, with sections covering security and privacy issues
  • Job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities for the security and privacy team
  • Briefings for use on your intranet site, covering typical topics such as phishing, email scams, and the like 
  • Template versions of emergency and contingency plans

We have about 1.5 terabyte of materials in the library, so there's a lot more to come.


Need something now?  Use the 'contact us' button at the left, or call us, and we'll see if we have something in our kit bag.
And, let us know what you'd like to see posted next.